Unit 17: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 20 vocabulary words below.
a judgment of a situation
An EMT must remain calm in order to provide an accurate assessment.
to wrap a bandage around the injured body part
After the wound is cleaned, it has to be bandaged.
the process of losing blood
Instructed by an EMT, Amy pressed hard on the wound until the bleeding slowed.
blood transfusion
the injection of blood taken from one person into the bloodstream of another
The victim has lost a lot of blood and blood transfusion is necessary.
an injury which is caused by fire, heat or a dangerous substance
She suffered burns to her right arm and parts of her back in the accident in the laboratory.
someone who is killed or injured in an accident
There are no reports of casualties in the accident.
being calm and confident
Despite being devastated by the news, Rupert quickly regained his composure.
smaller and more narrow
When pupils are unnaturally constricted, look for head injuries.
more open and wider
Dilated pupils may be the sign of drug intake.
a person responsible for sending vehicles to the place where they are needed
The dispatcher answered the phone and heard a weak voice saying: Please, help me.
the amount of medicine which should be given
Unwanted side effects may occur if the recommended daily dosage is exceeded.
dangerous to people’s health or safety
These chemicals are hazardous to human health.
to make a person unable to move
If a limb is broken, immobilize it as soon as possible.
damage to body suffered in an accident
The passenger suffered minor head injuries.
an illness which is caused by eating, drinking and breathing a dangerous substance
Call emergency services immediately in case of any suspicion of mushroom poisoning.
the regular movement of blood which is pumped round the body by the heart
The paramedic rushed to take her pulse but unfortunately felt nothing.
the opening in the center of the eye which lets light in
Pupils dilate (open bigger) as a response to low light situations, danger, sexual arousal, and certain drugs.
to secure a fractured bone
Proceed with caution when attempting to splint a broken leg.
making you feel shocked and upset
Being in a traffic accident is always a traumatic experience.
vital signs
any signs showing that a person is alive
The primary vital signs include body temperature, blood pressure and pulse.
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