Unit 18: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 20 vocabulary words below.
a minor illness
He complains of many unusual sounding ailments, but we can find no evidence of any problem.
to clean, wash
All patients need to be bathed once per day.
a sore or rash developed by the pressure of lying in the same place for an extended period
Bedsores are a real problem for coma patients.
relating to cognition or the brain
Diet has been proven to have an effect on our cognitive processes.
a feeling of company, friendship
One of the advantages of retirement homes is that the residents have a lot of companionship.
a decline in mental ability severe enough to impact on daily life
A lot of elderly people suffer from dementia and as a result have problems with their memory.
functional disability
a long term limitation resulting from an injury, condition or illness
Although he is in good physical condition, he suffers from a mental condition which has led to his functional disability and is unable to care for himself.
a condition of increased pressure within the eyeball resulting in loss of sight
Glaucoma is most often treated with eye-drops, but if untreated it can result in blindness.
activities such as brushing ones hair, doing ones make-up and generally taking care of ones appearance
It is a mistake to think that only female patients need help with their grooming.
a home providing care for sick, elderly or terminally ill patients
Many terminally ill patients are given a new lease on life in hospice care.
the state of being weakened, damaged or diminished
He spent three months recuperating after the eye surgery, but still has a slight impairment in his sight.
unable to control natural discharges of urine / feces
One of the most embarrassing things for elderly patients is becoming incontinent.
frail, weak - often connected to age
She is very infirm and should not go out alone.
the process of reacting to and responding to a stimuli
All humans need interaction as we are social creatures.
a bone weakening disease
Many senior citizens need hip replacements are a result of osteoporosis.
a result, effect
The family waited nervously before the doctor gave them the outcome of the tests.
something which already was already before
Most insurance policies do not allow for treatment of pre-existing conditions.
a prescribed course of medical treatment
It is important to finish the regimen of antibiotics.
residential care
long-term care given to patients in a 'home' setting
A lot of elderly people who cannot live comfortably on their own make use of residential care, where a nurse comes to their house.
respite care
short-term care given to patients who cannot be cared for by family
As her family live in Australia, Susan spent two weeks in respite care after her operation.
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