Unit 19: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 20 vocabulary words below.
a person whose job involves managing an organization or institution
John was appointed the hospital administrator after Mr Richards had stepped down from the position.
assess risk
to make a judgment about how much uncertainty and danger a particular course of action involves
The financial director didn’t assess risk correctly and as a result the company lost $100,000.
the type of training or education that one has had
Currently we are looking for specialists with a background in oncology.
planning how much money will be spent by an institution in a certain period of time
Budgeting is one of the responsibilities of the manager.
comply with
to obey or follow a rule, order or standard
The nurse complied with the surgeon’s instructions promptly and gave the patient the injection.
a legal agreement between two people or organizations which involves doing work for a particular amount of money
Either party may terminate the contract with three months notice.
skills or experience that show one is suitable for a particular job
Ms Hunter’s credentials as a hospital manager are very impressive.
establish standards
to set acceptable levels of quality of work
The management have established higher standards of service and as a result, patient satisfaction rose to 78%.
the spending or outlay of money
The budget for last year provided for expenditure of $1 million.
a building which is used for a specific purpose
All healthcare facilities are run by a state agency in this country.
a system of work in which an employee may change the time when they start or finish work
My husband works flexitime which means he often comes back home late, when the children are already asleep.
collecting money for a particular purpose
Our team will help you conduct a successful fundraising campaign.
governing board
a board that manages affairs of an institution
The principal governing body of the hospital is the governing board.
implement a procedure
to begin to use a procedure
Those procedures must be implemented straightaway so as to increase safety in the department.
a time when a person learns a job by doing it for a particular period of time
After graduation my father did an unpaid internship in a local hospital.
to provide a means of communication between groups of people
Ms Green is able to liaise effectively with various healthcare institutions.
to take action in order to reduce harmful effects of something
The inter-departmental meeting was held so as to mitigate the conflict which had arisen.
to watch how work is done so as to make sure it is done correctly
It is not my duty to oversee the whole department, but Ms Richardson’s!
a set of actions agreed by an institution
Healthcare policy can affect both the providers of health services and patients.
the process of looking for new employees
It is the HR department that is responsible for the recruitment process here.
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