Unit 2: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 20 vocabulary words below.
a long piece of cloth which is wrapped around an injured body part
I need to wrap the bandage around my ankle, as I suspect I have sprained it.
an object to support a body part and hold it in the correct position after injury
If the patient has suffered a severe head injury and there is a risk for a spinal cord injury, he or she will have to wear a neck brace.
a tough cover which protects an injured body part or a broken limb
A broken bone will be treated with the cast unless it is very small.
a thin tube inserted into a patient’s body in order to remove a liquid, e.g. urine
As you will be immobilized after the surgery so unable to go to the toilet, you will have a catheter inserted.
sticks which fit under your arms and are used to walk when your leg or foot is injured or broken
She’s been walking on crutches for 4 weeks now and is really looking forward to the moment when her leg has fully recovered.
a device to correct abnormal heart rate by means of electric shocks
A defibrillator is commonly used in case of patients with irregular heart beats.
diagnostic equipment
tools and devices used by doctors to examine a patient and form an opinion of what is wrong
A stethoscope and thermometer are examples of common diagnostic equipment.
an instrument with two long narrow parts for holding things during medical operations
Use forceps to close the blood vessel.
a piece of hospital equipment in which ill or premature babies lie to be kept warm and given treatment
As my son was born a month before he was due, he had to be placed in an incubator.
MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)
a medical imaging technique used to produce images of internal organs
To produce images of the body, MRI scanners use magnetic fields or radio waves.
a small sharp knife used by doctors during operations to cut skin & tissue
Make sure scalpel is sterile before you begin performing a surgery.
a piece of cloth to support your arm in case it’s injured
As I have injured my wrist and have to wear a sling, I’m going to take a few days off work.
a metal, plastic or wooden element placed next to a broken bone to immobilize it while it’s healing
Before the doctor put my arm in a cast, he placed a metal splint next to it, so now my arm is so heavy!
a tool which is used for listening to someone's breathing or heart
When you complain to a GP about acute cough, he or she uses a stethoscope to listen to your chest.
a type of portable bed used to carry an injured or ill person
Stretchers are included as standard equipment for ambulances in case paramedics need to carry injured patients.
a tool which is used to inject fluid into the body or withdraw fluid from it
The majority of doctors surgeries use disposable syringes these days.
a tool to measure temperature of the body
Due to the toxicity of mercury, mercury thermometers were banned in EU.
tongue depressor
a tool used during examinations of the throat which helps keep the view open
Now please open your mouth and I will use a tongue depressor to check your throat.
a rolling transportation device often used by someone who cannot walk
She's been in a wheelchair since she had her leg amputated.
a type of radiation used to produce images that help to diagnose diseases
He had an X-ray taken and it revealed he had broken a rib
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