Unit 21: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 20 vocabulary words below.
to have consideration for
The hospital banned peanuts in order to accommodate people with allergies.
AS (Asperger's syndrome)
a disorder characterized by difficulties in social interaction and restricted patterns of behavior and interests
The exact cause of Asperger's is unknown and there is no approved medication for it.
ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder )
the common term for an illness characterized by lack of focus and impulsive behavior
ADHD is often harder to diagnose is girls because the symptoms can be more subtle.
ADHD-C (combined type)
symptoms include frequent fidgeting, interrupting people, impatience, difficulty focusing, finishing tasks, and following instructions
The parents were horrified by the diagnosis of ADHD-C, but relaxed after learning it was easily treatable.
focus all one's attention on an activity
The boy could only concentrate while taking stimulants such as Ritalin.
using different body parts together smoothly and efficiently
A child playing jump rope or football needs a certain level of coordination to be successful.
unable to concentrate
Sam failed the test because he distracted by his classmates during the test.
drawn away from
The girl was drawn away from here homework by the sound of an ice cream truck.
executive functioning
being able to store, process, and effectively use information
Executive functions are thought to be regulated by the frontal lobes of the brain.
restless or uneasy
While many people get fidgety at the dentist, people with ADHD can exhibit this behavior simply by being bored.
communicated indirectly
Sarcasm is a form of implied meaning which is often lost on young children.
without thought or careful consideration
Lack of sleep or proper nutrition can be a cause of temporary impulsive behavior.
exactly as it is written or spoken
The literal meaning of a text is exactly what it says.
emotions and feelings
Proper diet and regular exercise can improve the mood of children and adults regardless of whether they have ADHD.
people of the same age and social class
A child with ADHD often has a hard time making friends with his peers.
ADHD-HI (predominantly hyperactive-impulsive type)
symptoms includes frequent fidgeting, interrupting people, impatience
Everyone thought the boy was intentionally annoying, but he just had ADHD-HI.
ADHD-PI (predominantly inattentive type)
symptoms include difficulty focusing, finishing tasks, and following instructions
At first the girl's teachers thought she smart but was lazy, but she then they realized she had ADHD-PI.
share many similarities
things are mostly alike
All mammals share many similarities including warm blood, teeth, and live birth.
a display of severe anger and frustration
The boy threw a temper tantrum when his mother said it was time to go home.
task switching
changing one's attention from one subject to another
Efficient task switching is a major part of good executive function.
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