Unit 5: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 20 vocabulary words below.
a test in which a tissue sample is removed and examined for the presence of a disease
To rule out the possibility of cancer, a biopsy must be performed.
blood culture
a test performed to detect if microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi are present in the circulatory system
Results from a blood culture can identify the type of microorganisms responsible for the infection.
an examination performed by a doctor to make sure a patient is healthy
Everyone should have regular check-ups at a GPs' surgery.
permission given by a patient, normally on a signed paper
We need your written consent, sir, to begin the treatment.
ECG (electrocardiogram)
a test in which the electrical activity of the heart is measured to check its condition
An ECG is performed when a patient reports symptoms of myocardial infarction.
examination of the inside of the body by means of a lighted, flexible instrument
The stomach may be examined by means of endoscopy in case of symptoms in the digestive system.
GP (general practitioner)
a physician whose practice covers a variety of medical problems in patients of all ages, also known as a "family doctor"
If you need information on the influenza vaccination, consult your GP.
to recognize something and understand what it is
The purpose of this leaflet is to help you identify pre-diabetes symptoms.
in order to
so that something can happen
Surgeons use a scalpel in order to cut through tissue.
surgery involving putting something into the body or cutting into the body
Endoscopy is less invasive than open surgery.
an X-ray of the breast taken in order to help a professional decide whether a lump in the breast is a gland, a cyst or a tumor
When the mammogram result indicates the probability of cancer, biopsy is performed next.
medical history
the past and present of a patient, which may contain important information on their health
Being an account of all medical events and problems a person has experienced, medical history enables the physician to form a diagnosis and treatment plan.
Pap test
a test for cervical cancer which involves the microscopic examination of cells collected from the cervix
Most women aged 21-65 should have pap test performed as part of routine health care.
obtaining film records of internal structures of the body
Medical radiography is done using X-rays which pass through the body and act on a special film.
to document and save something that has happened
The ECG machine records electrical impulses coming from the patient's body.
a test done to check for a particular disease
She is worried as she has discovered a lump on her breast during routine screening.
the process of checking parts of your body yourself for signs of a disease
Regular self-examination facilitates early detection of any changes and greatly improves the likelihood of successful treatment.
the process of generating a two-dimensional image of a section of a three-dimensional object
In case of cancer, tomography is used to help diagnose tumors & detect abnormal growths.
high-frequency sound waves emitted by a device, which bounce off tissues and are converted into a picture
Ultrasound is commonly used during pregnancy to examine a fetus.
to use something
Computed tomography utilizes x-rays that rotate around a patient in order to produce cross-sectional images.
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