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Are you a student or teacher of Medical English or English for Health Care? Register now for a FREE account. is a self-paced course in English for Medicine. It includes everything you need for self-study or "blended learning" situations.

Medical English Team

The subject matter is suitable for University and professional use: including doctors, nurses, dentists, emergency medical staff, physical therapists, and other medical and health care fields.

What's Included?

 • Activities - interactive writing, speaking, listening, and spelling exercises
 • Classroom tools - easily view and manage students and grades
 • Certification - downloadable certificate for students who pass all the units
 • Download Section - MP3s and PDFs for offline and classroom usage
 • Talking Medical Dictionary - learn to identify and pronounce key vocabulary
 • Achievements - students get badges on their profile page when they pass milestones
 • World Ranking - students can match their scores against a database of users worldwide

Available Units

The Human body   vocabulary   The Human body 

Medical Equipment   vocabulary   Medical Equipment 

A dialogue between the mayor and the hospital director   vocabulary   In the hospital 

Diagnosis part 1   vocabulary   Diagnosis part 1 

Diagnosis part 2   vocabulary   Diagnosis part 2 

Diseases and Illness.   vocabulary   Diseases and Illness. 

Nursing   vocabulary   Nursing 

Surgery   vocabulary   Surgery 

Mental Health   vocabulary   Mental Health 

Dentistry   vocabulary   Dentistry 

How does it teach? includes a wide range of activities. All you need is a modern web browser and an Internet connection.

What level is the course material?

The course material is geared for advanced beginner to intermediate English speakers. This would be equivalent to levels A2, B1, and B2 levels on The Council of Europe Language Level Scale.

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-Amadeu Alexandre, Angola

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