Unit 12 Reading Activity Plus Questions

Read the following text and then complete the activities that follow.

English for Nursing Part 2

Conversation between two nurses:

Gary: Oh, hello Brad. I didn’t know you were working a morning shift today too.

Brad: Hi Gary, yes, I’ve just finished, and I am glad the work’s over. It’s been rather a tough day in my ward. How was it in yours?

G: Same. But we can’t expect it to be easy, can we?

B: You’ve got a point there. So what did you do today?

G: Well I arrived earlier than usually and the nurses from night shift were still filling out the reports, so I waited at the reception and chatted to Jackie, do you know her?


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Quiz: Reading Questions

1. The convalescent had to fill in the informed consent papers before receiving hands-on care:
2. Evaluation and maintenance are constantly required to keep hospital devices operational:
3. Pre-operation care has to be done with support and rapport to avoid complications:
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