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Welcome to MedicalEnglish.com, the English for Healthcare learning resource and used by hospitals and universities, around the world. It was built to be fun, fast, and easy-to-use. One user has even called it "amazing".

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Over 200 activities included

If you study or teach Medical English or English for Health Care then you will want to try our course materials. Our curriculum is suitable for university and professional use including: doctors, nurses, dentists, emergency medical staff, physical therapists, and other medical and health care fields.

Activities include: Multiple choice, Gap fill, Listening comprehension, Writing, and Speaking exercises.

Students can be graded interactively or automatically so teachers can use precious class time for group discussions.

Offer Your Students Certifications

Students who complete 20 units will receive a digital printable certificates which can be verified online via QR code technology.

How does it work?

MedicalEnglish.com includes a wide range of activities. All that's needed is a Web browser and an Internet connection. It even works on smartphones supporting html5.

What level are the course materials?

Our course material is rated at levels B2, C1, and C2 on The Council of Europe Language Level Scale.

Customizable Student Certificates Included

Medical English Certificate

Teachers can customize and assign their own class-specific certificates.

Students who complete the course will get a printable certificate they can share with friends and potential employers.

What do users say about MedicalEnglish.com?

  • "I have just come across this site - really nice. Great quality!"

    - Catherine R (teacher)

  • "I just finished a unit of the course and find it amazing."

    - Gulgun F (student)

  • "Congratulations! I love the course!"

    - Basi G (student)