Unit 19 Reading Activities Plus Questions

Read the following text and then complete the activities that follow.

Hospital Administration

Letter of application

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing with regard to the advertisement of the hospital administrator vacancy posted on www.careerlink.com on 22nd of September. As an experienced healthcare facility manager, I believe I am a strong candidate for the position.

Your advert specifies that you are looking for an experienced healthcare unit manager with relevant background. I graduated from St. John’s University, Bradsfield, in 2002, where I obtained a master’s degree in management. Afterwards I enrolled on an MBA course with a specialization in Healthcare Management in order to broaden my knowledge. The course took two years and it included such topics as healthcare policy, information management in healthcare, economics and financial management.

Having been awarded the MBA in 2004, I began my career by doing an internship at a small medical practice in my hometown, which let me hone my professional skills. It lasted 12 months and as an assistant to the manager of the facility, I was responsible for implementing procedures developed by my supervisor. Additionally I took part in the recruitment process and assisted in job interviews held by the general manager.

After the internship I applied for the position of the manager of a hospice for children, which I obtained after a three-stage interview. It was a very challenging but rewarding occupation, due to the nature of the facility. My main management duties included budgeting and fundraising for the facility, and as the financial means allocated to the hospice by the state were insufficient, unfortunately I had to limit expenditure, which proved to be a difficult task. In order to collect the means necessary to support the facility I was in charge of, my team and I organized several events involving sporting activities as well as auctions.

After 4 years in the position of the hospice general manager, I applied for a post of hospital administrator at Josephine General Hospital, a large facility with 12 departments, which provides healthcare services to over 600 patients at a time. The main reason for changing the job was that I believed I had enough expertise to manage a large unit and further develop my skills. As the hospital administrator, I have to liaise with the medical staff, heads of departments and the governing board. Moreover it is my task to assess risk connected with the financial decisions, mitigate conflicts that occur among staff members and oversee the work of lower-level managers in charge of individual departments. I also establish standards of practice and make sure all employees comply with them.

As the contract I have with the hospital expires at the end of this month, I am looking for a new facility where I could apply my expertise. I am confident I would make a valuable employee at your healthcare unit thanks to my extensive professional credentials. Moreover, I am hard-working, ambitious and able to work efficiently under pressure, which is a vital quality in healthcare administration. I am a creative problem-solver and have highly developed interpersonal skills, which allows me to motivate staff effectively and communicate with people from various cultural backgrounds and educational levels. I am well aware of the specificity of the job of a healthcare unit manager and am able to work flextime, including nights and weekends if such a necessity arises.

Should you find my application interesting, please contact me to arrange an interview. I am mostly available in the afternoon, but am able to rearrange my schedule so as to come to your facility at a time convenient to you.

I attach my up-to-date CV as well as references provided by my previous employers. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Stephen Bradley

Quiz: Reading Questions

1. HR is usually in charge to oversee the recruitment policies and internships:
2. Always assess risk when budgeting expenditure or fundraising:
3. The governing board will have to liaise with the facility to discuss flexitime:
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