Unit 20 Reading Activity Plus Questions

Listen to the audio recording while you read along. Then answer the comprehension questions that follow the text.

Medical Slang

A dialogue between two nurses at the nurses' station in the city hospital:

RGN Mary: Hi Sarah, how was your shift?

LPN Sarah: Oh, hello Mary. It was a nightmare, I ended up pulling a double shift and haven't slept in almost 30 hours. And for the last 6 I have been dealing with this goldbrick I'm exhausted!

Mary: Yeah, I remember those days well. Look on the bright side, in less than 6 months you will have completed your RGN training and those days will be behind you.

Reading Comprehension Questions

The gatekeeper performed wallet biopsies on the many goldbricks, as A&E got hammered:
The bounceback came back with his velcro, after the shotgunning hit a zebra:
Last night, the albatross in the departure lounge that circled the drain, finally discharged up:
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