Unit 3 Reading Activity Plus Questions

Listen to the audio recording while you read along. Then answer the comprehension questions that follow the text.

A dialogue between the mayor and the hospital director

A: Mr Hecky, welcome to Blackwell Community Hospital. I am honored you decided to attend our modest opening ceremony. Before we begin the tour of the facility, I would like to thank you for your personal involvement and endeavors, which greatly contributed to the construction of the most modern medical center in the region. We are also very grateful for...

B: Sorry to butt in, doctor, but I have a very busy schedule today and only came to see what so much public money was spent on.

A: Ahem. I totally understand that, taking into account the fact that you yourself might end up being an inpatient some day.

Reading Comprehension Questions

All patients of a clinic have to go through the A&E first:
Surgeries concerning neurology or cardiology most often require anesthetics:
People only needing a pharmacy, physiotherapy or ICU are called outpatients:
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