Unit 5 Reading Activity Plus Questions

Read the following text and then complete the activities that follow.

Diagnosis part 2

Making a correct diagnosis is a very responsible task any time a patient consults a physician, regardless of the supposed seriousness of the symptoms. Forming the right one will allow the patient to recover quickly or might even save his or her life, whereas making a mistake might lead to dramatic consequences.

Centuries ago, when physicians had very primitive tools at their disposal or had none at all, taking a patient's medical history was sometimes the only way to identify diseases patients were suffering from. These days, however, there are many modern diagnostic techniques that utilize cutting-edge devices and tools, which help in diagnosis and keeping people healthy. Let's take a closer look at some of them.


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Quiz: Reading Questions

1. Biopsies or endoscopies are quite common, yet invasive screening methods:
2. A mammogram can be done, in order to identify lumps:
3. Self-examination without your consent is part of your medical history:
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