English for Medicine and Health Care

In April 2023 our course was officially certified by the CPD as conforming to development principles for English for Medicine and Health Care Online Training.

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There are plenty of "general" English courses available, but around here, we focus solely on Medical English and English for Healthcare as used in daily communication by doctors, nurses, paramedics, and EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians).

Main Menu

The "main menu" or "module home" screen is where the learning begins. Students choose a unit from the list and begin. When all units are completed then the module is complete and the student is elegible for a certificate.

Activities Menu

Once the student has chosen a unit to study, they are presented with a list of Activities. It is recommended but not enforced that the student completes them in chronological order.

Automatic Activities

We offer four types of "automatically graded" activities to help reinforce key unit vocabulary: Reading Comprehension, Multiple Choice, Listening, and Spelling. When it comes to language learning, repetition is vital.

Teachers don't have to do/grade anything with these activities, they can just relax!

The "Advanced" version of the course allows teachers to tweak the difficulty settings to match their student's abilities.

Manually Graded Activities

We offer two types of "manually graded" activities in the course: the Speaking Activities and the Writing Activities.

These activities are included in all versions of the course, but the "Advanced version" has additional settings which allow the teacher to better match the difficulty to their student's abilities.

Classroom Settings

Medical English Online Course isn't just a collection of activities, it's really a platform that helps you manage your ESP courses. There are really too many features to mention here, but some highlights are: import/export students and their grades, activity reports, custom learning paths, customizable classroom certificates, communication tools, and more.


Certificate are (optionally) available to students who complete entire modules with a passing grade. Teachers can even customize the certificates to include custom text and even logos depending on the purchased tier.

Thanks for your attention!

The best way to learn more is to Register and check out the free demo. The Demo works exactly like the full paid program except of course the number of units available. You can even use it with your students!

You can also feel free to contact us. We look forward to adding your ESP program to our growing list of worldwide clients!

- Larry Zoumas
Founder and Lead Developer of MedicalEnglish.com

How does it work?

We like to think of ourselves as an "interactive online textbook" with a built-in "certification engine" that can be used in either remote or physical classrooms. The course is delivered through a standard web browser and will work on any desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone with an Internet connection.

The course content and activities are meticulously crafted by TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) experts. The difficulty level spans from "Pre-intermediate" to "Advanced," aligning with the CEFR (Council of Europe Language Level) scale, ensuring comprehensive language proficiency coverage.

This is technically classified as an ESP (English for Specific Purposes) course, teaching well over 1,000 medical workplace vocabulary terms.

What materials are included?

Make your classes more fun and more productive

Certification Included!

Medical English Online Course Certificate

Students who complete the course with a passing grade will earn a digital certificate they can show to potential employers as evidence of their English job skills.

Customisation and co-branding of the certificate is now available for our Pro+ users. Please visit our shop for more details!

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